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To stay competitive, our clients need to develop a comprehensive digital strategy and rethink their business and operating models to deliver it.

At a minimum, they must incorporate mobile applications as a regular delivery channel. Digital strategy has to be about cross-channel connectivity, it must enable continuous engagement with customers, suppliers, employees and investors. A move towards next gen technology will be essential in achieving true digital transformation.

Equiniti is all about working with our clients to build digital capability, and deliver digital transformation. We have aligned our digital service offerings with managing customers and citizens, financial crime, credit services, process management, biometrics, analytics, and robotics.

How we can help


Our end-to-end Biometrics solution provides multi-modal mobile authentication including facial, voice and geo-location recognition. We help organisations establish a concrete audit trail for transactions, reduce identity fraud at the point of service, protect customer identities and enhance the customer experience.

Next Generation Case Management

Our innovative case management solutions incorporate cutting edge, marketing leading technologies for process, document and database management. They are highly configurable, scalable and flexible, no matter what the specific management need may be.


Working with our partners, our Robotics help organisations' operations become more agile and cost effective. We do this through rapid automation of manual, rules-based, back office administrative processes helping to reduce cost and improving accuracy by creating a ‘digital workforce’.

Covert Management Systems

As the UK’s leading provider of complete covert management solutions, we work with over half of UK forces and the majority of Regional Organised Crime Units to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their covert investigations and information sharing capabilities.

Customer Email Engagement Platform

Our proprietary customer email engagement platform supports enterprise-level broadcast of both email and SMS communications for leading clients.

With a strong focus on deliverability and security, each platform is built bespoke to a company’s requirements using dedicated hardware, meaning no shared infrastructure and no ‘per-000’ email broadcast fees. IP addresses are provisioned for exclusive use using branded domains, giving users complete control over their own sender reputation and brand.

Find out more at our Marketing Source website.

Customer Experience Feedback Platform

Our customer experience feedback platform contextualises real-time information from multiple touch-points, enabling brands to deliver personalised customer experiences and uphold their brand identity. It:

  • Gathers actionable feedback in real-time – when a customer interacts with a brand, MS Hub provides that company with all the real-time metrics and data needed to improve customer experience at any touchpoint.
  • Asks pre-selected questions to encourage relevant feedback
  • Gives businesses feedback direct from their customers, meaning customer experience initiatives will be driven by the people that matter and therefore more likely to improve brand perception.

Find out more at our Marketing Source website.


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