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Equiniti offers frictionless end-to-end digital customer onboarding solutions.

Developed specifically for the financial services industry, we create best of breed biometric, mobile authentication and identity lifecycle management processes, which are more secure and convenient to use.

Working in partnership with biometric technology provider Daon, our end-to-end solution 'Prequel' helps banks establish a concrete audit trail for transactions, reduces identity fraud at the point of service, protects customer identities and enhances the customer experience and brand sentiment.

Creating seamless onboarding, Prequel offers a universal authentication platform for mobile devices. It allows users to mix past security factors, such as passwords, with today's security factors, such as voice, geo-location and facial recognition, as well as the emerging factors of tomorrow.

Prequel is also supported by a case management platform to manage the customer record, initiate enrolment and verification requests.


The Process


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