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Risk Management and Fraud Analytics

We are a leading provider of risk management and fraud analytics software for the global commercial finance industry.

Our software, EQ Riskfactor, has been developed specifically with commercial finance lending in mind, including factoring, invoice discounting and other types of collateral and asset-based lending. EQ Riskfactor gives our clients peace of mind, providing early detection of customer fraud and mitigating potential losses.

Equiniti has an extensive track record. We work with over 90% of the UK receivables market, overseeing £35 billion in lending each day and monitoring more than 60,000 accounts worldwide. Our software is deployed across the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and Asia. Here are the services we provide:

EQ Riskfactor EQ Riskfactor is a modular application and the software is fully configurable to each client's risk management needs.

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