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Risk Management and Fraud Analytics

EQ Riskfactor - leading fraud prevention technology

Equiniti Riskfactor provides market-leading risk management software for commercial lenders. The unique risk technology enables lenders to quickly detect and prevent fraud, while also delivering operational efficiencies. This cutting edge fraud prevention software boosts risk management processes and protects lenders from losses.

How it works

EQ Riskfactor’s unique risk metrics analyse a lender’s portfolio using timely overnight data, from their core operating system. The software displays the entire portfolio and colour codes it so that lenders can instantly see areas of risk. The user can then investigate the reasons why the account is showing as ‘high risk’ and take action to avoid possible frauds.


Prevent fraud

EQ Riskfactor’s sophisticated technology protects lenders from fraudulent transactions and uses a range of risk indicators to swiftly alert lenders to changes in client behaviour, providing early warning of deteriorating profiles. This allows lenders to investigate and take action quickly, mitigating potential losses.

Our expert team come from the financial services industry and understand the challenges lenders face. They are in an expert position to advise lenders on how to improve their risk management processes.

Improve efficiency

EQ Riskfactor helps lenders gain efficiencies and eliminate manual processes, freeing up time for value add tasks and increased customer engagement. All information is contained within one system so that no time is wasted ploughing through lots of spreadsheets and going from system to system to collect information.

Enhance compliance

EQ Riskfactor records all activity in one central system to create a detailed audit trail which proves that Risk Policy has been adhered to, meeting internal audit and regulatory compliance requirements.

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Case Study - Close Brothers Invoice Finance

Discover why Close Brothers Invoice Finance use Equiniti Riskfactor to help them fight financial crime and spot deteriorating trends within their portfolio. 

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