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Equiniti International Payments is a complete global payments solution powered by our cutting-edge technology platform PayFac.

Equiniti International Payments provides a smart solution to the time-consuming processes, risks and high costs associated with sending and receiving money internationally.

Using cutting-edge technology and innovation, PayFac can handle complex global payments quickly and efficiently, in a user-friendly environment.

PayFac’s payment capabilities enable businesses to send or receive money across the globe to 180 countries and in around 130 currencies.

PayFac allows you to securely transact international payments in just a few clicks. With built-in features that ensure compliance with in-country payment regulations, PayFac platform ensures a high level of accuracy on payment delivery.

Key features of PayFac:

  • Wide global reach and specialist in-country knowledge
  • Simplified payments processing with country payment validation
  • Highly accurate, compliant and secure payment delivery
  • Guaranteed exchange rates on international sales
  • Multi-currency pricing tool for e-retailers
  • Beneficiary self-service
  • Complete control over the payments process
  • Assurance of a trusted, reliable brand with extensive experience and long heritage
  • Built-in foreign exchange conversion
  • Full integration with existing payroll, ERP and finance systems
  • Direct access to the largest global payment network, providing scalability opportunities in even the most challenging of countries

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Equiniti International Payments

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