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International Payments

Equiniti provides a full range of assured and seamlessly executed international payments solutions to over 180 countries.

EQ Global are the assured international payments alternative for large businesses.

Infrastructures, currencies and regulations can be very different between countries. We offer the right payment solutions to simplify the process and deliver payments cost effectively. We use our specialist technology and regulatory expertise in partnership with the world’s largest transactional bank, Citi, to achieve this. Equiniti has access to more in-country payments than any other UK provider; cutting out intermediary banks, their fees and delays.

Across Equiniti we make over £90 billion in complex payments every year, providing our clients with the assurance that payments will be accurate, on time and secure.

Utilising state of the art technology, we offer 99.9% accuracy rating on payment delivery.

 Our complete payment solutions include:

  • Quickly switching on payment capabilities in existing and new markets
  • Managing substantial payment volumes quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Automated currency conversion for payments across the globe
  • Multi-currency Pricing services for almost 180 countries in 133 different currencies
  • Issuing cheques and making tax payments in many jurisdictions
  • Transfers available through UK BACS, CHAPS, UK Faster payments, SWIFT or SEPA

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