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Public Sector Case Management From EQ

With our support, you can build a case management system your way. Host in the cloud or on premise, the choice is yours.

Meeting GDS and NICS design principles, this is a solid choice. There’s a lot to consider but with EQ Cube, you’re in control.

A high level of modular configurability out-of-the-box, putting you in control                               
  EQ Cube affords organisations with the flexibility to configure a platform to suit specific needs.
Fully compliant with GDS and NICS design principles, off-the-shelf                                                
  Developed in accordance with the latest GDS and NICS design principles.
A cost-effective public sector case management solution
  Built with modular blocks, EQ Cube can meet your needs without the need for costly custom design work.
Host in the cloud, a dedicated data centre or on-premise                                                                     
  A range of hosting options provides organisations with added flexibility.​​


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EQ Cubes user-intuitive dashboard was designed and UX tested to utilise existing user skillsets made familiar through social media and search engines like Facebook and Google.

Cases, tasks and people can be configured to automatically be shown in the newsfeed dependant on priority, ownership, requests to follow and recently updated changes.




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Users can configure cases with associated tasks and milestones, helping to efficiently manage workloads.

Access to EQ Cube can be managed via permission based roles, helping provided an added layer of security.

Case workers can choose between independent ‘to do’ tasks, or sequential ‘workflow’ tasks.



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EQ Cube provides users with a range of reporting functionality including real-time process and user performance monitoring.

A powerful BI platform helps drive digital insight, statistical analysis and data interrogation.

Built-in Robotic Process Automation helps EQ Cube integrate with legacy systems, and Predictive Analytics functionality supports smart decision making. 



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EQ Cube adheres to GDS cloud and information security principles enabling full data protection compliance. 

Client configurable access controls provides an added layer of security and administrators can easily produce data access audits and reporting. 



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EQ Cube increases accessibility, automates processes, provides flexibility, and drives efficiency across organisations, helping deliver outcomes as smoothly as possible.

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At EQ we’ve been living and breathing case management for over 20 years. We understand that compliant case management depends on meeting requirements and legislative demands. Trust us to provide the right solution and process for you. Whatever your domain.

Our solutions are available to buy via a host of Government Frameworks, helping simplify the buying process.


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Get Started with EQ Cube

With our support, you can build a case management system your way.

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