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We’re trusted to deliver case management systems to public sector organisations throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our solutions have been refined to meet the unique and complex challenges faced by our customers, supporting them on their journey to digital excellence.

Bespoke Case Management​

Bespoke 800X600

Our bespoke case management solution has been designed to help public bodies meet the unique challenges and responsibilities they face. ​

This purpose-built platform empowers organisations to receive, record and resolve cases in line with regulation exclusive to their specific sector and with the flexibility to support ongoing business change.​

Our bespoke software is trusted to handle over 4.5 million cases per annum.​

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Off-The-Shelf Case Management

Off The Shelf 800X600

Our off-the-shelf case management platform is for public bodies requiring an easily configurable portal within a short timeframe.​

We can deliver a range of transformational services that enable all parties to work together to get jobs done across organisational boundaries.​

We help fulfil the requirements of online applications, including self-service, online forms, workflows, case and process management, data collection, service eligibility and application processing.​

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Microsoft Case Management

Microsoft 800X600

Our Microsoft solution enables public bodies to take advantage of existing licensing to deliver a cost effective platform. ​

We apply our comprehensive experience in the case management domain to a Dynamics 365 tenant, resulting in a highly configurable solution within a familiar user environment.​

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Innovative Digital Solutions For Every Day Tasks​

We work with in partnership with our clients to deliver timely and accurate solutions that help keep even the most complex things simple.

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We've Developed The Solutions To Fit Your Needs


eGrant streamlines and automates processes from initial application to ongoing management. This helps you to optimise operating efficiency so that you can allocate funds to the most appropriate cases via our highly configurable grant management system. 


Security, audit and data protection form the core of our investigation case management solutions. We protect data across the investigative environment via case-allocated permissions. Our solution protects confidential information in line with legislative requirements.​


Streamline your inspection process with our end-to-end inspection case management solution. Easily create task checklists, schedule inspections, record results, track corrective actions and send automatic notifications. This allows for the efficient management of all inspections.​


Reduce claim processing time by 50 percent. eClaim enables organisations to deliver a self-service solution that supports the completion and submission of claims processes such as staged payments and entitlement claims. 


Efficiently and accurately take control of cases from point of evidence collection through to final determination. This delivers full transparency, traceability and accountability via our web-based end-to-end forensic case management systems.


We work with Ombudsman bodies to deliver case management systems that allow for clear two-way communication between stakeholders. This provides a transparent window into case progress while securely managing and protecting key information throughout.

Complaint Management

We apply our knowledge in the complaint management domain to equip your organisation with the tools to manage individual cases, track service related activities and quickly locate the best resolution. 


Replace paper based manual forms with user-friendly online transactions to increase take-up. eForm speeds up and simplifies processes for users and helps improve overall data quality. 

Benefits Of Our Service

Our product agnostic approach allows us to deliver the solution that is right for you.​

​We harness the experience of our people, working to the highest standard and delivering the best service.​

​We understand case management intricacies and our knowledge in providing solutions helps guide you on your journey.​

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