EQ Riskfactor Due Diligence

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Adopt A Fresh Approach To Your Audits And Surveys

When completing audits and surveys you need fast access to accurate and consistent data. This can be a challenge when you are reliant on outdated spreadsheets and multiple systems. Our new technology uses automation so that you can maximise on site productivity and adopt a risk based approach to audits and surveys.

Take The Pain Out Of Audits And Surveys

Improve Audit Trails
Improve audit trails

Deeper Audits
Deeper audit insights

Access Reports
Access reports on site

Track workflow
Track workflow actions

Improve Security
Improve security

Access EQ Riskfactor data

Power Up Your Due Diligence

Reduce risk and adopt a risk based approach to audits – Don’t spend time on manual data entry tasks, use our software to upskill and focus on client centricity

Save time and streamline your risk processes – Use our technology to reduce the time you spend on site and even increase the number of desk top audits you do

Improve decision making – Invest time on critiquing and analysing the business so you can make informed decisions.

Create a better customer experience – Become less reliant on your customer’s systems on site and create a less intrusive customer journey

Increase data accuracy and integrity – Trust your data. As the data is extracted directly from your client’s accounting software errors will be minimised.

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Use Our Software To Streamline Your Audits And Surveys


See more when you survey new clients

Our technology uses extracted data to view your new prospect as if they were a customer in EQ Riskfactor. So you can see their real risk profile.


Save time auditing existing clients

Work faster with more accurate data. Our workbooks auto-populate and help you to focus audit time on areas that need investigation.

Audit And Survey Process

  1. Schedule
    Set up your surveys and audits using a risk based approach.
  2. Prepare
    Survey: Use data extraction to view a prospect as if they were a customer.
    Audit: Automatically focus your due diligence on the highest risk and value transactions.
  3. Perform
    Survey: Save time with auto populated templates.
    Audit: Use our fully ‘off-line’ mode to make working off site at audits easy.
  4. Review
    Survey: Improve your credit decision by using extracted data to compare prospects against existing customers in the same industry.
    Audit: Review and monitor completed audits automatically.           

See Due Diligence in action and find out how we can help your business.

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