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Optimising the delivery of remediation solutions

Equiniti delivers intelligent end-to-end remediation solutions to the UK’s leading customer-facing organisations.

We enable our clients to optimise their delivery of remediation projects using both technical case management and workflow solutions as well as specialist resourcing capabilities.

By reviewing existing procedures, stripping away legacy processes and introducing automation, we can reduce internal resources and associated costs for our customers by up to 50%. As a strategic partner, we provide the people, processes and technology to help you manage customer contact programmes, meaning you don’t have to contract, engage and manage multiple suppliers.

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The Expert Assessment Team (EA Team) help our clients to deliver remediation projects to a very high standard. The team do this by using: technical case management, workflow solutions and specialist resourcing capabilities offered by Equiniti.

The role of the EA Team is to understand the goal of the remediation activity and to work with the client to optimise the treatments design and delivery processes. This maximises efficiency and makes the most of any automation possibilities using Equiniti’s MMX platform.

The EA team is made up of experienced remediation subject matter experts (SMEs) from a variety of disciplines; from customer treatments and conduct risk to data analysis and process design.


They've been very easy to do business with. Always responsive and helpful. They understand remediation exercises. They've been doing those for some time, so they knew what I wanted from them. Good empathy with the customer. It's been a good business relationship.

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The EA team will aim to identify the fastest, safest route to live considering the data readiness, treatments required and capabilities available.

One of the key benefits that the EA team can bring to early engagement is the ability to optimise the treatment design to get the right customer outcome while being mindful of capability and data constraints.

A common issue in remediation projects is to agree the treatment strategies before the operating model and data capabilities are identified, leading to delays in go live and unnecessary complexity in delivery.


It is difficult to be as objective when it is your project, but Equiniti’s work with us is seen within the bank as a standout example of a remediation delivery programme and pathway that is being used as a template for future projects.

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The EA team work during all project phases to optimise the delivery of the remediation, from data analysis and treatment design during the project definition stage through to treatment sequencing and pipeline during the delivery phase.

The EA team always work towards identifying the “fastest, safest route to live”. Identifying a target population to begin remediation to promote “learning by doing” within the project.


It's been very successful. They've delivered. They've delivered well. The operations that I've seen and the people that I've seen on the ground I've been really impressed with.


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