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Executive and Employee Share Dealing

Executives and employees from within Equiniti’s corporate client base have access to our complementary share dealing services.

Executives and employees from within Equiniti’s corporate client base have access to our complementary certificated and online share dealing services.

Employee Share Dealing Services

Equiniti understands that employees require a trouble free and cost effective route to market to buy and sell their company shares when their company share schemes reach maturity. This is to protect their investments from tax with an ISA or to diversify their investment portfolio. Equiniti provides this through our Shareview Dealing platform.

Executive Share Dealing Services (ESDS)

ESDS provides our corporate clients’ directors and PDMRs with a personalised, efficient and knowledgeable team of experts, to support them in the buying and selling of their company’s shares, through our execution-only online or certificated services.  This competitively priced facility is available to all (corporate clients) directors, executives and their spouses/civil partners.

The ESDS services take into account the specialist needs of directors and PDMRs and our services span across:

Shareview Dealing

Our share dealing platform, Shareview Dealing, is intuitive with a range of capabilities that support the share dealing choices of our clients’ executives and employees, whether shares are from a company share plan or held in their own name.  And if the trade being placed is for shares where Equiniti also acts as the registrar we can offer market-leading settlement times. 

Our Products

Stocks and Shares ISA

The Equiniti Shareview Dealing ISA is a tax-efficient way of trading eligible securities. The Shareview Dealing ISA offers competitive rates, easy online and telephone access, and a straight forward ISA and shares transfer process.

Employers can choose to make the Shareview Dealing ISA available to employees and executives in a number of ways:

  • As a freestanding Stocks and Shares ISA for employees and executives who wish to use it to mitigate any potential Capital Gains Tax liability arising from share scheme maturities and/or diversify their investments
  • As a corporate funded Workplace ISA with the option of payroll deduction
  • As a Workplace ISA which benefits from corporate sponsor endorsement and plan savings

Equiniti Investment Account

This enables employees and executives to view their entire portfolio, including updated valuations and net gain or loss, online, so they can monitor how their strategy is performing.  The Equiniti Investment Account is automatically available with the Shareview Dealing ISA.

Certificated Trading

With our certificated dealing service, employees and executives can trade by telephone, by post or online. They can also deal in Corporate Sponsored Nominee shares of participating companies.


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