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All Employee Share Plans

Share Dealing Facilities for Plan Participants

ESDS caters for both Save As You Earn Plans (SAYE) and Share Incentive Plans (SIP) through a variety of services both at the point of maturity and thereafter.

 Save As You Earn (SAYE) Plan

Services for UK and International SAYE Plans

If you have granted a SAYE plan to your UK and/or international employee base, plan participants typically wish to sell their shares upon maturity. We offer a range of dealing services to help them realise the profit from their savings in a variety of ways and ESDS is extensively experienced in dealing for large and small volumes of plan participants.


When a HMRC approved SAYE plan matures, plan participants can access our range of share dealing and tax efficient services:

  • Share dealing to sell the resulting shares on maturity date and throughout the exercise period
  • Spouse/civil partner gifting to utilise Capital Gains Tax allowances
  • ISA transfers
  • Nominee account transfers
  • Employee certificated dealing
  • Free tax planning brochure

International SAYE

If plan participants have been saving in a local currency, or are based around the world we have specific international services to support them at the point of their share plan maturity:

  • Deferred top-up to cover any shortfall in their savings due to currency fluctuations
  • Share dealing to sell the resulting shares on maturity date
  • International distribution of sale proceeds
  • Dedicated helpdesk to share plan enquiries
  • Overseas employee certificated dealing

Share Incentive Plan (SIP)

Facilities for Trust Administrators and Plan Participants

A trust company that has been appointed to administer your SIP will require custody and share dealing services to hold the shares on behalf of the SIP and facilitate the plan participant’s share dealing instructions.

Whether it is purchasing partnership shares on a monthly basis or selling shares upon release from the trust we can offer:

  • Share dealing for the SIP trust
  • Custody of the SIP shares
  • Plan participant dealing if they leave the trust
  • Dividend elections on the shares held
  • Transfer to ISA for plan participants leaving the company


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