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Share Option Plans

Cashless Exercises

Whether the share plan is approved or unapproved, ESDS provides the capability for your UK and global employee base to exercise their share options and sell their resulting shares in a variety of ways.

ESDS understands the importance of the employee experience and offers individual help and support to the plan participant when exercising their option.

We provide:

  • Cashless exercise facility arranged to fund the option cost
  • Share dealing to sell the resulting shares
  • Online or paper receipt of instructions
  • Price limit so the participant can sell at a pre-determined price
  • Spouse/civil partner gifting to utilise the Capital Gains Tax allowances where applicable
  • Tax calculations such as taxable earnings to date
  • Tax Payments made directly to the parent/subsidiary company
  • Dedicated experienced helpdesk for share plan enquiries
  • World-wide distribution of sale proceeds in a range of local currencies


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