Sophisticated technology delivers simplicity, efficiency and certainty

Xanite provides flexible, responsive and automated solutions for financial services firms. Managing end-to-end processing from front to back office, Xanite refines service quality and reduces operational costs.

Evolved from a history originating in custody processing, Xanite builds reliable and proven systems for clients across the financial services spectrum, including online brokerage, private client stockbroking and insurance.

Our platform is delivered using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, minimising hardware resources and IT support, reducing implementation time and cost, and creating a faster release cycle for new services and upgrades.  Alternatively clients may choose to host the Xanite platform on their own hardware.

The Xanite technology offers secure, fully scalable web-enabled systems which provide our client’s customers with direct access to the platform, maximising efficiency and reducing IT support costs.


Our technology-based front-office interfaces are designed to be easily accessible for both firms and their customers. Targeting individual investors, from execution only (XO) brokers and wealth managers to asset-servicing firms, our online interface can process client orders and instructions faster, more accurately and with higher cost efficiency than traditional systems. An electronic audit trail ensures that information on corporate actions can be sent with full transparency.


Xanite utilises high-end technology to automatically conduct background and financial checks in real time via third party agencies.

Sophisticated technology in the platform enables live online market trading, complemented by a fully managed limit order manager system. EQXanite also offers a bulk trading engine, which collects fill or kill orders for given stocks from users that are not price sensitive aggregating them into a single bulk trade to fill them, reducing transaction costs. Transaction reporting of the bulk and the underlying client trades is automatically managed by the technology in the platform to the client’s choice of Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM).

The Xanite platform connects to central securities depositories (CSD), in the UK and Ireland this is done through CREST, part of Euroclear UK & Ireland Trades for exchange traded instruments are placed with the market using FIX gateways.  Funds have full STP settlement using a range of platforms that are fully integrated to the platform.

The Xanite platform integrates seamlessly with reconciliation packages to allow the business to fully manage and control cash and stocks.  


Xanite is fully compliant with regulatory reporting for trading accounts, CGT, SIPPS and ISAs, Junior ISAs and Child Trust Funds, alongside income reporting via EUSD S17/S18 and IRS returns. It supports compilation of client reporting packs, valuation statements, lists of holdings, lists of transactions, and consolidated tax vouchers.

Xanite is delivered in modular functional units to support specific businesses or used collaboratively alongside other platforms to deliver a front-to-back system. EQXanite also provides a data feed of corporate actions – upcoming dividends and rights issues – with a diarised system which automatically calculates the entitlement of the underlying clients on the correct days, providing seamless communication and streamlined processing from end-to-end.


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