Equiniti's actuarial valuation platform

SuperVal enables the rapid and accurate actuarial valuation of any defined benefit pension portfolio, calculating scheme assets and liabilities. It is the market’s leading actuarial valuation platform, widely used by consulting firms and pension industry actuaries in the UK and South Africa.

The system is fully parameterised with no coding required, using screens specifically designed for ease of use and speed of entry. All financial and demographic parameters can be input, including: interest, mortality, early retirement, reduction factor, withdrawal and ill health decrement rates.

Output includes a consolidation of results across all member statuses, actives, deferreds and pensioners - to produce an overall contribution rate, a scheme balance sheet and a comprehensive cash flows. A full audit trail of calculations is created.

Customer benefits:

  • User-centric design providing a logical guide through the valuation process
  • Removes the need for expensive, in-house software
  • UK benefits fully parameterised for efficiency and reliability
  • Allows staff to produce reliable numbers rapidly and consistently


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