Ric Shares 2020 Vision - Equiniti
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Ric Shares 2020 Vision

Strategic initiative EQP2020 is a programme designed to make EQPaymaster fit to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive market into 2020 and beyond.

Many Equiniti colleagues across the Group have already heard the name, but what is the programme all about and how is it performing so far? In this short video, Ric Williams, EQPaymaster CEO, discusses:

What EQP2020 is about and intended to achieve

  • The need for change
  • How far the programme has already progressed
  • What EQP2020 has accomplished to date
  • Why this programme is different from previous initiatives

Our strategy update videos are hosted on equiniti.com via Vimeo. Colleagues without Vimeo access can also view our content on EQ Learning here.

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