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Jean Emmen

Our #TheEQExperts series spotlights the talented individuals we have at EQ.

Introducing Jean Emmen, Customer Care Supervisor!

Share about your role at EQ.

Being a customer service team supervisor in the EQ Customer Care Center (CCC) has been a perfect career fit over the past 14 years. My values and career priorities align with EQ’s focus on excellent customer service, developing talented team members, and preparing them for careers within EQ. As a supervisor with the Mendota Heights Customer Care Center, I see myself as a coach, business partner, and mentor. 

Gooseberry Falls April 2021

What is something special about your location? 

Having lived on both sides of the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities, I have learned to appreciate what the metro area has to offer. Minneapolis was a fascinating place to live during the late 1980s and 1990s, and I took full advantage of exploring in a “Mary Tyler Moore” way.  Since the early 2000s, I have found that living in Eagan, a suburb of St. Paul, suits my lifestyle well. 

There are plenty of green spaces, parks, ponds, and wooded trails in Eagan where my husband and I can walk our Springer Spaniel, Kia, and feel more connected with nature.  We live within a short drive to the Mall of America, many good restaurants, downtown St. Paul and MSP airport (making it convenient to fly to a favorite destination in Mexico when winter gets to us!)

What has happened in your career so far?

I was fortunate to have great role models and mentors as I learned the business of retail banking (Norwest Bank/Wells Fargo Bank).  I signed up for as many seminars, workshops, and training courses as possible! The first 20 years of my career path meandered between Moorhead, Roseau, St. Paul and Minneapolis bank location. I transitioned from retail banking in 1998, moving to the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage campus servicing call center, where I learned about call center management. In 2007, my career took a fork in the road as the Home Mortgage division had reorganized.  Luckily, I landed with a great team and management in Wells Fargo Shareowner Services call center.  I continue to learn and find new challenges within EQ, a changing and evolving company. 

What do you love about your work? 

Working with such outstanding and dedicated team members at EQ is very rewarding. In my role, I can contribute to team member recruitment training development, and improving performance and customer service. In 2007, when I joined Shareowner Services, I was involved with the Fun Committee (back in the "old building" in South St. Paul). I quickly made lasting connections with awesome people who are still with the company. When new call center representatives joined my team, I found it very rewarding to take them on a tour of the 1110 building. It was fun to introduce them to many people who were willing to share their experiences and career stories. It was exciting to visit with team members who had started in the call center and advance their careers in Operations, Relationship Management, or Office Services. Each tour I lead felt like a reunion! 

What is your biggest EQ achievement? 

When I can be part of team members' career and personal growth I feel that my achievement is evident in their success.  This is not a one-time or specific award or accomplishment; however, the impact is cumulative. Spending the time, listening to and guiding team members toward career growth is a win-win for the team members, the business and gratifying for me as a supervisor.

What are you looking forward to in the future at EQ?

There have been so many highlights over the past 14 years!  The transfer agent business has evolved and transitioned in so many ways. Many great people have paved the way to where we find ourselves today.  With the new ownership of Siris Group and partnership with AST, the opportunities to learn and grow continue to expand.  The future looks bright, and I am excited to be a part of the front line in the CCC! 

NWA July 2011 016

Share a fun fact about yourself

Having grown up in Roseau, population 2,500, my roots are in northern Minnesota. It is the home of Polaris Industries and generations of amazing hockey legends. A short 45-minute drive through Manitoba, Canada, and back, we love to vacation at our cabin, which sits on an island on Lake of the Woods. We have not been able to go for the past two years due to border restrictions related to COVID-19. Cross your fingers that the border will open for recreational travelers, or we will have to buy a float plane!