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Mary Morris

Our #TheEQExperts series spotlights the talented individuals we have at EQ.

Introducing Mary Morris, Business Analyst

Share about your role at EQ.

Hi, Mary Morris here, and I’m a Business Analyst for the U.S. Transformation and Change team. The T&C team works in partnership with the business to deliver value and a variety of products to our clients and their shareholders.  

What is something special about your location?

If I’m not in the office at Mendota Heights, I’m working remotely from home, which is Afton, Minnesota. Afton is located about 20 minutes east of downtown St. Paul, a small town with many attractions for all ages. Along the St. Croix River, it offers exceptional opportunities for boating and fishing, with two marinas in town and even a boat launch. Afton has a large, beautiful park in the old village and several hiking trails along the riverbanks. Afton hosts an annual 4th of July parade where thousands of people with their families celebrate. This unique parade goes down one side of the downtown main street and, at the cul-de-sac, turns around to come back up the other side. It's like seeing the parade line twice! If you love ice cream, go to the historic Selma's Ice Cream Parlor. Want a memorable place for fine dining? The Afton House is perfect. If you enjoy skiing in the winter, attend Afton Alps, which hosts a collection of ski and snowboard trails. 

What has happened in your career so far?

I started at Shareowner Services when it was Norwest Bank on February 1st, 1988; then it merged with Wells Fargo in 2000. On February 1st, 2018 (fast forward 30 years), we became EQ Shareowner Services. I’ve been in a variety of roles and positions from managing several operation departments to supporting the business in implementing several internal systems, such as Image Retrieval Information System (IRIS) one of our main sources of records.

What do you love about your work?

I believe I found my true calling on being more of an independent contributor, so a Business Analyst for the Transformation & Change team is a perfect fit for me. There is a wide variety of projects to work on while engaging with the business. I still feel I learn something new every day, but more importantly, it's the team members that work here that I love most. I had a wonderful opportunity to watch this business grow and be successful throughout these years. I feel truly fortunate to work with such caring and professional team members that are passionate about what we do for our clients. 

What is your biggest EQ achievement?

In my tenure of 30 plus years, I grew up in the security industry and always felt the transfer agent business is unique and special. 

What are you looking forward to in the future at EQ?

Engaging in more learning opportunities and becoming Certified Business Analysis Professional. I know this will lead me into a natural progression to be a product and/or program manager here at EQ.  

Mary fun Photo

Share a fun fact about yourself. 

I'm from a very large family with eight kids, and I'm number four. I have five sisters and two brothers, and we all have children of our own. We are blessed to say we are happy, healthy, and close. I'm married, and in September 2021 we celebrated 37 years! We have two daughters and three grandbabies that melt my heart every time I see them (oh yea, they all suck their left thumb). I love being a grandma.