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Nicole Ward

Our #TheEQExperts series spotlights the talented individuals we have at EQ.

Introducing Nicole Ward, Sales Enablement Manager

Share about your role at EQ.

Hi! I am Nicole Ward, and I manage the Sales Enablement team. We are part of the U.S. Marketing team and the Group Chief Customer Office. Our focus is on creating and responding to proposals and creating presentation material for the sales team and content, such as white papers and blogs, for our digital platforms.

What is something special about your working location?

I am usually based in our Mendota Heights office, but since we are working from our homes these days, I am based in Eagan, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul. Eagan is great because it is close enough to downtown to be able to pop into MN Wild games or fun restaurants on a whim, but far enough away to have beautiful nature reserves and hiking paths in my backyard. Target and Starbucks are just a couple of minutes away from my house, what more could someone want?

What has happened in your career so far?

I started with Wells Fargo as a bank teller in 2007. After being a teller for three years, I moved to Wells Fargo Shareowner Services as a conversion coordinator where I got to manage the onboarding process for new clients. In 2016, I moved to negotiating contracts with our clients and started managing the New Business Acceptance process. In 2018, I joined the Marketing, Communications and Sales Enablement team and here I am!

What do you love about your work?

I love that even though I have been in this business for 11 years, I still learn something new every single day. I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with so many different people here due to my different roles. This has given me a well-rounded knowledge of what makes EQ go-round and has helped me to develop strong relationships with a lot of different folks. EQ is full of a lot of really smart people that have taught me a ton.

What is your biggest EQ achievement?

At first, I was going to talk about completing a humungous RFP or helping redo our website, but really I would say my greatest achievement to date would be developing relationships and earning the trust of the people I work with. That trust has allowed me the privilege of being at the table when people need a sounding board or to think outside the box and has helped me feel empowered to speak up when I have an idea or opinion.

What are you looking forward to in the future at EQ?

I am very excited to be playing a part in growing our company. We have so many good things happening right now which are the result of a lot of really hard work. Seeing not just my ideas but ideas of those I work with every day have a true impact on the way we sell, market and communicate EQ’s expertise and directly play a part in EQ’s growth has been pretty fun!


Share a fun fact about yourself.

I may or may not be a (not-so-secret) karaoke star. I love music and jump at the chance to get up and dance when my jam comes on. Some folks at EQ have seen me rock the mic at community support fundraisers, and others might have spotted me in New Orleans during the NASPP conference. My love for music has also made its way to all three of my children, which brings a lot of kitchen dance parties to our house and a lot of joy to my heart.