Mary Mannion Plunkett

Executive Vice President, Human Resources, EQ

Mary Mannion Plunkett is the executive vice president of human resources at EQ. Mary brings to EQ her focus on building talent capability and organizational cultures to accelerate revenue growth.

 Mary has more than 20 years of experience including executive human resource and talent roles with AIG, The Boeing Company and Carlson in the United States and Heineken, British Petroleum, Lehman Brothers internationally. She has previously served as an adjunct professor in organizational behavior at Seattle Pacific University and a part-time faculty member with the Technological Leadership Institute at the University of Minnesota.

 Mary graduated from St. Louis University with a doctorate degree in organizational psychology, and specializes in the art and science of leadership development, organizational change, team building and executive assessment and coaching.

 She’s actively involved in a number of local non-profit associations and international charities.  Mary lives in Minneapolis with her husband and their two sons.