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Todd May

Chief Executive Officer, EQ

Todd May

As head of EQ’s transfer agent business, Todd May leads a team of nearly 600 professionals who service more than 1,000 clients, together with their global shareholder base. Todd joined Wells Fargo Bank’s predecessor, Norwest Bank in 1990 and spent 13 years in corporate development, playing a key role in many acquisitions, from identifying opportunities and developing relationships in companies of interest, to overseeing every stage of the acquisition process.

Todd moved to Wells Fargo Shareowner Services, now EQ, in 2007. Under his leadership, the group has implemented key regulatory changes, executed significant enhancements to issuer and shareowner websites in meeting customer needs, and increased product offerings while consistently being known as the leading service provider. Todd earned his bachelor's degree in finance from Iowa State University in Ames, and his Master of Business Administration from Drake University in Des Moines. He is president of the Securities Transfer Association (STA), a North American association serving over 130 transfer agents. Todd actively supports the Twin Cities community through his work as a chairperson of the Nonprofit Bridging.