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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and EQ

Due to COVID-19, we moved more than 90% of employees to work-from-home as of March 24 for their health and safety.

Staff is adjusting to the new reality without missing a beat. Call quality and speed of answer are meeting all expectations and service levels have not been negatively impacted by a work from home strategy. All remote work is performed over our secure network.


Our comprehensive business continuity and pandemic plan has been put into place. These plans had been reviewed and revised again in detail during our COVID-19 planning. We are also working with our key suppliers to ensure that they have adequate plans in place. As we implement this important planning, we continue our dedication to providing the highest levels of service to our clients.

Staff well-being

The well-being of our team members is a top priority and we have daily internal communications underway providing up-to-date guidance for personal well-being and direction on business operations. We recognize and appreciate the flexibility and support our employees provide as we all adjust to the pandemic.

Contingency plans

The nature of the virus is such that we have considered a wide range of scenarios that could emerge and how EQ would respond. We will continue to adapt our approach as needed to this ever-evolving situation.

We have a collective social responsibility to look after each other, and at EQ we are doing our best to contribute toward this goal.

If you have any concerns or questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: