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Us Vs Them: Why A Transfer Agent Is Your Best Choice for Equity Compensation Services

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

What does a transfer agent have to offer that other equity plan administrators don't? Plenty! Here's a look at some of the key differences between plan providers.

We're equity experts

Transfer agents know equities – it's our job to stay on top of equity regulations and reporting requirements for each and every state and country where you and your employees do business. Brokers often outsource this service, as do companies that self-administer their plans. A transfer agent does it all for you by leveraging their specialized expertise to make sure you stay compliant and your shareholders' assets are protected.

Taking care of shareholders is in our DNA

We treat your team like our team.

As transfer agents, our core is serving shareholders on behalf of our issuer clients. This includes providing dedicated teams to ensure quick support for issuers and a call center staffed with trained professionals for plan participants. It also means investing in leading-edge financial technology to simplify processes for everyone.

We're not brokers (and that's a good thing)

Unlike "full-service" brokerage houses, a transfer agent will never solicit your executives and employees for brokerage or planning services. Our focus is on doing what's best for your company, and that starts with satisfied employees and shareholders.

Simplifying the complex

Sure, equity plan administration is highly complex, but that's no excuse for taking weeks to pull a report or make a global disbursement. Instead of adding to the complexities, your plan administrator should simplify them for you.

EQ's multi-lingual, multi-currency software platform improves online experiences for plan participants, streamlines reporting, recordkeeping and global compliance, and gives your finance team instant access to real-time plan data and a Business Intelligence Reporting tool .

Listening to feedback

One of the best metrics for determining a financial expert’s success is feedback from the community they serve. EQ encourages communication between all participants in the equity process so that we can better serve our client’s needs. We are proud to be the most-trusted transfer agent in the business according to Group Five’s independent survey – alongside the highest overall marks for client and shareholder satisfaction!

While full-service brokerages, discount brokers, and self-administration plans may offer a few of the same advantages, EQ checks all the right boxes: advanced technology, equity expertise, and focus where it belongs – keeping shareholders happy.

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