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EQ 2018 Annual Conference Recap

Friday, November 2, 2018

Leading the industry

Each year, EQ assembles dynamic shareholder services industry experts to bring cutting edge knowledge to our clients. For the first time, we’re sharing the information beyond the conference to benefit the industry through our 2018 EQ Annual Conference Recap.


This year's recap features:

  • An audit boot camp discussion with five leading audit and unclaimed property experts
  • An update on California Consumer Privacy Act and its ramifications for issuers
  • Recommendations on global cybercrime and cybersecurity
  • A view on EQ's Chief Operating Office and how we prioritize service excellence in a changing world
  • A feature on 2018 legal roundup and 2019 preview

The Annual Conference had great energy and strong topics. I enjoyed connecting with peers in similar roles and spending time with the EQ team.

— Annual Conference attendee