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Improve Your Business Processes With EQ Riskfactor

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

In our new Expert's Corner series we share tips on how to get the most out of EQ Riskfactor. This month Account Manager, Dan Smith, discusses how templates can help improve your business processes.

Dan Smith

Save Time

If you are anything like I was in my previous role, you’ve spent hours cutting and pasting details from one Word document to another, updating spreadsheets with metrics. EQ Riskfactor templates can self populate at the touch of a button, saving you valuable time. The current EQ Riskfactor measures and a 12-month history assist with trend analysis. This means you only need to add commentary on key movements rather than writing a lengthy narrative.

Configurable Templates

Our templates are completely configurable, allowing you to tailor individual templates to your own business needs. Templates are created for a wide range of reasons - not just annual reviews. Overpayments, facility parameter changes and audit preparation can be configured and then quickly generated. This gives you more time to focus on servicing clients than filling in spreadsheets. The templates don't just have to include EQ Riskfactor measures. Text-only sections, used for commentary on a client’s viability or, for example, their management team, can also be added.

Need some help with setting up these templates? No problem, ask our experts who are always on hand to help.

Audit Trail

I wonder how much time has been spent finding that last annual review or the story behind why that parameter was changed? More often than not, sanctionable changes are made using documents or spreadsheets sent over email – things that can be very difficult to find many months later. The EQ Riskfactor template functionality leaves a complete audit trail in the software, meaning you can effortlessly view a client's history, even being able to search by date range and type of notifiable events.

New Release/Enhancements

We have recently improved EQ Riskfactor so that templates can now be assigned to one or more approvers, making those credit committee requests much easier to manage. The approver will receive an automated follow-up telling them that the review is ready during the approval process.


During the approval process, 'action points' can be added. Once the review is fully approved, it will be converted into a new follow-up and assigned to the creator of the review. Approval conditions can be easily tracked and are much less likely to be forgotten.

I hope you have found this Expert's Corner useful. If you have any ideas on content you would like us to cover in this section please let us know. If you would like to know more about any of our new release, get in touch and we can demonstrate this new functionality in full. If you are a client simply talk to your account manager. For all other enquiries simply contact us using the button below. 


Learn more about our new release.

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