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EQ’s capital market intelligence provides you access to detailed information regarding your investors. We know that investor support is critical to the success of all corporate growth initiatives. But efforts to engage shareholders are often stymied by an inability to identify investors. When you partner with EQ, you gain a greater knowledge per share. We help you get ahead by providing crucial information about your investors like historical information, contact names and information and insight into each investor’s overall strategy.

Our Services

Equity Identification Report

We provide you critical capital market intelligence through equity identification reports and investor outreach programs. We deliver a customized report about your current holders that includes:

  • Institution’s current equity holdings
  • Top holders, buyers and sellers
  • Potential buyers and sellers
  • Key decision makers’ names and contact information
  • Key drivers of the equity income markets
  • Insight into investing strategies
  • Cross-ownership analysis showing each firm’s total dollar investment (combined equity and debt holdings) in their company

With EQ’s capital consulting, your company will receive a customized equity identification report on a pre-determined schedule – either quarterly, semi-annually, or on a one-time basis. This report will be unique to your company and will drill down to the ultimate beneficial owner (when applicable) for investment advisors, insurance companies, hedge funds and pension funds.

For many of our clients, the equity identification report has proven to be a true game changer to gain a greater knowledge per share. Companies that were previously unable to interact with their investors now have established contacts and relationships along with greater insight into investors’ priorities.

Investor Targeting Services

Investor targeting is a critical, yet complex goal for a successful investor relations program. EQ’s corporate finance consulting services can help you achieve this goal by providing advanced targeting analytics. Our in-depth knowledge of the investment community and extensive experience executing institutional outreach ensures we provide you the most accurate analysis of targets. In addition to giving you a clear depiction of the opportunities for investment, we analyze the potential risks through our investor targeting programs.

Our proprietary methodology incorporates a quantitative and qualitative analysis that includes:

  • A proprietary algorithm which utilizes 29 fundamental models and over 100 metrics to provide the best fit among the Global Institutional Investment pool
  • Analyzing the current shareholder base to assess risk and/or the capacity to add to current positions
  • Uncovering potential risks and measuring any anticipated investor selling
  • Identifying key targets that can become significant shareholders and impact your company’s institutional ownership

We also help Closed-End Fund sponsors with a variety of services, including:

  • Assistance in identifying current insights and trends in the market
  • Monitoring of closed-end funds and peer performance
  • Identifying opportunities and risks in the investor base
  • Continuously monitoring for potential shareholder activism
  • Improving secondary market support and investor outreach results
  • Presenting critical intelligence and actionable insights to fund boards

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