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EQ Rebrand for Clients Without Dividends or Plans

We are very excited to announce that our acquisition by Equiniti Group plc has closed.

As of this morning, we are Equiniti Trust Company.  To assist you with the name change, we are sharing items related to rebranding, along with information regarding communication of the change to shareholders.

Please watch for additional communications from us over the next weeks and months as we enhance our systems and technology.

Thank you very much for your business and for your loyalty and confidence in us.

Rebranding Information:

Please review any website references, documents or filings (Proxy/10K/employee plan information, etc.), voicemail and email messages, with references to Wells Fargo as your transfer agent and make changes based on the following guidelines:

  • Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to be replaced with Equiniti Trust Company
  • Wells Fargo Shareowner Services to be replaced with EQ Shareowner Services
  • Any reference to solely Shareowner Services may remain the same
  • Our addresses and phone numbers are the same

The Dividend DDAs or funding accounts will not change.

Invoice funding information has changed.  Please review your invoice closely to make necessary updates to your payment process.

A W-9 form will be available from your relationship management team.  

Website links:

If you have a link on your website to one of the Wells Fargo websites, please refer to the following:

  • – no changes are necessary.  This link will continue to bring new investors and current shareholders to the shareowner website.
  • Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan links – no changes are necessary.  These links will continue to direct to your plan documents.
  • Other Wells Fargo websites - please contact your relationship management team to clarify if changes may be required.

Shareholder Communication:

EQ will communicate information about the transaction with your shareholders.

  • A message will be  printed on dividend and sales checks as well as plan and DRS statements
  • A stand-alone mailing is planned for any shareholder who does not receive a statement or check. 
    • The “What’s New” section on the landing page will contain the announcement and FAQ’s (see PDF) 
    • Wells Fargo logo has been replaced with our new EQ by Equiniti logo
    • References to Wells Fargo have been replaced with EQ 
    • There is a new banner on the landing page announcing the change