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Effectively manage your company ownership all in one place. Our platform provides you with step-by-step guidance during the onboarding process and the tools to support you and your company as you continue to grow.

One Platform for All Users

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Our software is built for all users, with role-based access control, giving users the view of information most central to them.

Founders can see the ownership breakdown of their company and have access to tools to attract new investors.

Venture capitalists, legal advisors and financial advisors can view all their clients and investments.

Investors have transparency into their holdings, giving them confidence into their contribution.

Employees have immediate visibility to their equity as continual motivation to see their financial opportunity.

Remarkable Functionality

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Streamline your cap table with our platform’s built-in functionality, such as vesting scheduling – giving you the flexibility to configure specific schedules for your company’s unique timeline.

Capabilities include:

  • Dedicated role based views on a single platform
  • Scenario modeling
  • Waterfall analysis
  • 409A valuation
  • Track, grant, and accept options
  • Create new users, securities, and equity plans
  • Automated termination rules

Scenario Modeling and Waterfall Analysis

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No more manual, time-consuming calculations – enter the numbers and our software does the heavy lifting for you in seconds, giving you back time to run your company.

Immediately view the impact of new investments and funding rounds with our built-in scenario modeling.

Utilize our robust waterfall analysis which allows you to calculate exactly how much investors will earn in multiple exit scenarios.

Exceptional Support

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You’re getting more than just powerful technology; use our specialized support when you need it.

  • Onboarding assistance through step-by-step setup
  • Semi-annual customer check-in
  • 409A audit-ready solution

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