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Proxy Solicitation

EQ Proxy - Stay ahead of activism

Our proactive approach means there are no surprises, and you stay informed of federal regulations, shareholder activism and corporate governance trends. Our team members have an average of 30 years of proxy experience and demonstrates their in-depth knowledge through the deep exploration and analysis of your shareholder base.

"In the last 5 years, more and more annual meetings now have some sort of controversial proposal on the agenda." -- Tom Cronin, Senior Managing Director, EQ Proxy

Let us secure shareholder support

Our suite of proxy services equips companies with the insight needed to be successful in today’s global environment. Without the expert analytical skills and experience of EQ's proxy solicitors, you are susceptible to false assumptions about your shareholder base. Why leave information on the table? EQ Proxy helps you manage your shareholders with extreme clarity, providing you with the comprehensive data and advisory support you need to be successful.

Why choose EQ Proxy?

  • Team members have an average of 30 years of experience in proxy solicitation and information agent services 
  • Specializing in friendly mergers and acquisitions, contested campaigns and bank and thrift conversions
  • First call resolution, Midwest-based call center for shareholder inquiries with representatives trained in your specific transaction details
  • Strong market surveillance technology with automated reporting – allowing more time for analysis and client consultation

Our proxy services

Proxy Solicitation

An uneventful event requires preparation and planning

We provide strategic analysis, counsel and campaign creation in support of your upcoming shareholder events. We monitor the vote in real time and drive high participation for:

  • Annual meetings
  • Special meetings
  • Proxy fights
  • Member conversions

We prepare a detailed analysis of the vote ahead of your meeting with insights on shareholders, eligible shares to be voted and contact data. Our goal is to obtain management’s desired vote by helping ensure the greatest number of influential investors align with your position in the fastest, most efficient manner. 

Corporate Governance

Steer your strategy using our experience and expertise

Strong corporate governance is vital to achieving your company’s goals and maintaining shareholder support. Based on our thorough review of the current state of your corporate governance structure, you will receive a detailed, solution-oriented report along with expert consultation on implementing our recommendations for a dynamic future state. Let us help you drive shareholder support with our expert analysis of:

  • Your company profile
  • Your Board of Directors, committee composition and refreshment
  • Executive Compensation structure and disclosure
  • Proxy advisor vote recommendations and potential impact on future voting
  • Your key institutional investors and vote results
  • Industry trends

Market & Shareholder Intelligence

Don’t fall victim to volatility

Executive compensation, majority voting and director elections continue to be areas of focus for activists – and aren’t limited to emerging during the annual meeting. No matter your specific intelligence need, our unwavering commitment to service excellence is evident in the analysis. Our team’s unparalleled experience enables us to more accurately interpret the information, providing you a clearer picture and keeping you ahead of activism.

Our robust data analysis and consultation translates to greater shareholder base transparency through our annual or project-based intelligence products:

  • Activist Watch: Identification and monitoring of activists within your shareholder base.
  • Ownership Verification: A quarterly snapshot of your ownership base that highlights how ownership has changed over the last quarter.
  • Market Intelligence: A week-to-week analysis of who's moving in and out, along with identification of the buyers and sellers, if they can be identified.
  • Peer Analysis: A detailed analysis that compares your shareholder base to that of your peers, looking for similarities, differences or changes in position that may or may not be significant, and may or may not help with targeting.
  • Debt Identification: A comprehensive ownership report on all the holders of your company’s debt utilizing several complex data sources.

Information Agent

As a requirement of any corporate action that requires shareholder participation, you must communicate the details to registered and street shareholders. These complex transactions require a veteran information agent to handle communication management and execution.

We develop a strategic plan tailored to your needs, including Q&A consultation, tombstone placement and--pending the requirements of the deal--direct contact to tender decision makers including institutional investors, banks, brokers, hedge fund managers and arbitrageurs as the expiration date gets closer. Most importantly, we work closely with issuers, their investment banks, law firms and the exchange/tender agents to keep everyone apprised of the deal, shares tendered and the general sentiment from the street.

We support:

  • Debt-related services
  • Dutch auctions
  • Exchange offers
  • Fixed income securities
  • Rights offerings
  • Tender offers

Unmatched call center support
Headquartered in the Midwest, our Customer Care Center representatives are specifically trained on the nuances of your transaction to effectively handle inbound calls.


Talk to our team today to find out more about EQ's full range of services to meet your organization's needs