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Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP)

Give your employees a low-cost way to invest in their workplace and have a stake in the company's performance. Our experts can guide you in customizing a plan to meet your goals.

Benefits of an ESPP

Studies show that employees who invest in the companies they work for can become some of their most loyal investors. ESPPs with features like discounts and employer matching contributions can also help with recruitment and retention of talented employees. And employee stock purchase plans don't have to be expensive.

Customize a plan to achieve your goals

There are a variety of plans available and an infinite number of ways to customize them to achieve your goals. Unlike broker/dealer plan administrators, EQ offers virtually every type of plan available in the market today.

Our plan experts take a consultative approach to guiding you through all the features and benefits of each plan while keeping your company's size, management style and goals in mind. It's about creating a plan that works for your company and your employees.

Our experience as a transfer agent also gives us a great deal of experience with legal requirements and regulatory issues related to securities. We'll make sure your ESPP is structured in a way that protects your company and your shareholders – no matter what type of plan you choose.

What we do for you

  • Customized services including enrollment, payroll purchases, tax reporting, sales
  • Administration of employee enrollment according to your defined criteria
  • Distribution of plan materials to eligible employees
  • Ongoing enrollment management including internet and telephone enrollment options
  • Effective and accurate recordkeeping of plan participation
  • Tax and disclosure activities
  • Customized on-site employee and manager training

Why EQ

  • Dedicated Relationship Management team
  • Communication support and education programs
  • Customer Care Center, located in Minnesota, for your employees

Plan features may include

  • Purchase price discounts
  • Employer matching contributions 
  • Optional cash
  • Share source (original issuance, treasury, open market)
  • Dividend reinvestment
  • Online enrollment and account access
  • Look-back pricing
  • Multiple sales options


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