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You're In Safe Hands With EQ

Managing the day-to-day needs of your shareholders as a publicly traded company, the transfer agent you choose is an integral part of your IPO – and an essential partner long after.  Our team ensures that your IPO goes smoothly and avoids unnecessary risks, regardless if you are looking to go public via a traditional IPO or SPAC reverse merger (de-SPAC). 

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With the support of a dedicated team of experts with more than 20 years of experience taking organizations public, you'll have the bench strength necessary to prepare for life as a listed company.

  • Advisement on filing details
  • Establish registered shareholders
  • Develop plan for stock splits (if applicable) prior to IPO
  • Facilitate the selling shareholder process

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The path to going public isn't always a straight forward one and requires flexibility. Our familiarity with solutioning to stay on track helps give you peace of mind while you embark on this milestone. If questions do arise, you will have a single point of contact throughout the IPO process to provide you clarity and assurance.

  • Strategic solutioning for potential issues that arise
  • Issue and deliver shares at closing
  • Pay out IPO cash proceeds

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The same level of expertise you relied on through your IPO can be called upon down the road as your company grows. Whether you are undertaking a corporate action or preparing for your annual meeting, our team is an extension of yours.

  • 24/7 shareholder support through and 300+ specialized Customer Care Center representatives
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring with SEC and state regulations
  • Managing the issuance, transfer & cancellation of shares for shareholders
  • Helping your company attract stable, long-term investors through investment plans
  • Supporting you with talent retention and engagement with equity compensation solutions

What else does a transfer agent do?

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Best With Clients And Best With Shareholders

Going public means increased regulatory oversight and reporting requirements. Trust in us to ensure SEC and state regulatory compliance is actively monitored and adhered to. We have the confidence of our clients and shareholders, as we've been rated the most trusted transfer agent and easiest to do business with according to the Group Five 2021 Investor Communications and Engagement Services Benchmarking Study, Transfer Agent Services.

94 %

overall client satisfaction*

5 million

shareholders supported 

93 %

overall shareholder service satisfaction**

*industry average of 87% , **industry average of 79%

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The Best For Your Business

From working with your advisory team to navigate the complexities of filing to servicing your registered shareholders from day one, your EQ team works as an extension of your own team.

John Baker

EVP, Director U.S. Sales

John has more than 26 years of industry experience. He has managed hundreds of company transactions, specializing in the REIT, Banking, Israeli M&A, and IPO & SPAC markets.

Joshua McGinn

SVP, Western Regional Manager

With more than 35 years of industry experience, Josh is an expert in IPOs, Direct Listings, deSPAC exchanges, M&A transactions, and activist situations. 

Justin Frogner

Client Services Manager

Justin has over 10 years of experience in financial services. He leads several operational teams that are focused on successful corporate client events including special client processing, secondary offerings, and IPOs.

Feeling Unsure About The Process?

Talk to one of our Client Advisory Board members about what it's like to work with EQ and being a publicly traded company.

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