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Gain Efficiencies with Functionality Designed for Insider Management


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Create and maintain permanent and project specific insider lists in a centralized, configurable system designed around your company’s internal insider trading policies and procedures. This platform gives you visibility to easily identify, track and audit insiders and efficiently approve their trade requests – regardless of where the shares are held. Whether shares are a part of your employee plans or traded through a broker, EQ Insider manages all pre-trade approvals.

With an efficient process management, you’re no longer tracking down individual insiders or information. Easily search historic approvals for review or reporting in a single-source-of-truth platform.



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Streamline insider management in one platform. No more keeping track of insider lists in spreadsheets or managing communication out of your email. With EQ Insider, reduce the amount of time you spend answering questions from employees or insiders regarding what they need to do to trade or information they need to provide. With its easy-to-navigate front-end portal, EQ Insider captures all applicable details to trade and streamlines the approval process.

Have a project that has revealed non-public information that you need to share expectations on? Email all insiders using EQ Insider with its mass communication functionality and track insiders and their activities in one place.




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Trade requests bogging down your inbox? EQ Insider automatically approves or denies trade requests if action is not needed or notifies the designated approver if manual approvals are necessary. The ease and speed of this functionality simplifies your involvement in routine processes and gets information to requestors quickly. No more emails, phone calls asking for updates – and your insiders have real-time updates on approval status.



Expect Your Technology to Work for You

Spreadsheets and email may be free, but your time is premium. Take advantage of EQ Insider’s robust technology that simplifies the management of insiders in a secure platform, where it's seamlessly working for you.

You Are In Safe Hands With EQ

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