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Initial Public Offering

The transfer agent you choose is an important partner for your organization as a public company.

Becoming a public company is one of the most important endeavors you’ll undertake in the corporate life of your business, and there are a lot of questions to answer and decisions to make. Choosing a transfer agent is one of them.

What does a transfer agent do?

A transfer agent is a financial services company whose primary function is to manage and keep track of registered shareholders for companies that issue stock. Companies undertaking an IPO hire a transfer agent to act on their behalf to manage their shareholder records and issue the new shares during the transaction.

After the IPO, your transfer agent will be responsible for managing your shareholder base, taking care of the recordkeeping and other critical tasks in this complex regulatory environment. From day one, we service your registered shareholders, acting as the contact point for transactions, communications, online account access and support.

Expertise for your IPO. Expert guidance for the long haul.

Given the longevity of the relationship, you'll want to find an agent that can handle your IPO, as well as future needs as your company grows. EQ provides a dedicated account team to handle your IPO so you'll have a single point of contact throughout the IPO process. Our account team has deep industry knowledge and vast experience, ensuring that your IPO goes smoothly and avoids unnecessary delays. This same expertise can be called upon down the road when you're undertaking a corporate action such as a merger, acquisition or spin-off.

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What you can expect from EQ

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Expert guidance now and as you grow

Strategic and creative solutions

Culture focused on accuracy + quality  

Secure Data 
Best-in-class data centers and platform

Dedicated relationship management team

Preparing for Your IPO:

  • Advise on filing details
  • Develop plan for stock splits (if applicable) prior to IPO
  • Pay out IPO cash proceeds
  • Facilitate the selling shareholder process
  • Issue and deliver shares at closing
  • Establish registered shareholders

After Your IPO:

  • Serves shareholders through our domestic call center or online program
  • Maintain record of all registered shareholders
  • Issue new shares
  • Transfer and cancellation of shares
  • Employee stock purchase plans
  • Dividend payments and investment plans
  • Track IPO lockup and restricted shares
  • Tax reporting
  • Unclaimed property reporting and compliance
  • Lost shareholder searches
  • Shareholder communication & engagement services
  • Annual Meeting services
  • Monitor compliance with SEC and State regulations
  • Corporate actions


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