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Preparation & Coordination

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Our experience means we’re uniquely placed to advise on shareholder mailings, proxy voting, tabulation and shareholder engagement. Our team of experts are knowledgeable and responsive and are able to provide you with practical guidance that enables you to avoid difficulties and capitalize on opportunities you didn’t know existed.

Securing Shareholder Support

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Our suite of proxy services equips companies with the insight needed to be successful in today’s global environment. Without the expert analytical skills and experience of EQ's proxy solicitors, you are susceptible to false assumptions about your shareholder base. Why leave information on the table? EQ Proxy helps you manage your shareholders with extreme clarity, providing you with the comprehensive data and advisory support you need to be successful.

Proxy Solutions

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  • Proxy Solicitation
  • Tabulation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Market & Shareholder Intelligence
  • Information Agent
  • In-Person & Virtual Annual Meeting


Why Choose EQ Proxy

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  • Team members have an average of 30 years of experience in proxy solicitation and information agent services 
  • Specializing in friendly mergers and acquisitions, contested campaigns and bank and thrift conversions
  • Our virtual annual meeting product has superior functionality that is intuitive and customizable. With more than XXX annual meeting clients, we will deliver your virtual experience with the exceptional service you’re accustomed to from EQ.
  • First call resolution, Midwest-based call center for shareholder inquiries with representatives trained in your specific transaction details
  • Strong market surveillance technology with automated reporting – allowing more time for analysis and client consultation
  • Our virtual annual meeting software partner has more than XX years of experience building annual meeting solutions, hosting XXXX meetings globally each year.

The Best In The Business

Bringing together industry leaders to achieve your shareholder and investor strategies.

Chris Ward

Partnering with clients to achieve their goals
for over 11 years

Martin Knapp

Delivering best in-class service for over 20 years

Thomas Kies

Delivering proxy and transfer agent services
for 39 years


Migrating Sainsbury's

“Ensuring we had a smooth migration from start to finish with all stakeholders was key. The Equiniti project team were great, meaning all stakeholders were fully engaged and working closely together to complete the project on time and successfully 

Read what happened when Sainsbury's moved to EQ.


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Delivering For You And Your Shareholders

Our clients trust us to provide seamless services to one of the most important stakeholders, their shareholders, and we can do the same for you.

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