Proxy Voting


toggle How do I place my proxy vote?

You may submit your vote, prior to the meeting date, via one of the following voting methods. Please remember, the last vote you submit will cancel out all previous votes you may have submitted.

Internet: Vote My Proxy
Phone: (800) PROXIES (800-776-9437) within the United States or (718) 921-8500 from a foreign country

Attn: Proxy Department
6201 15TH Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11219
Always use the return envelope provided with your proxy card as it may list a designated PO Box to help expedite delivery.

toggle I have lost my notice with the control number on it. What do I do?

If you are a registered shareholder with EQ, and your shares are not held through a bank, broker or intermediary, then please contact our Shareholder Services Department, at (800) 937-5449, for assistance. Please be prepared to provide the necessary information in order to verify your identity for security purposes.

toggle I previously consented to receive my proxy material by electronic delivery. How may I receive a hard copy or revoke my consent?

In accordance with the Notice and Access Specifications, companies may elect to mail shareholders a ‘Notice of Availability of Proxy Material’ which provides them with a link to a website in order to view their proxy materials. This Notice would also contain a unique Control Number assigned to you, which you must enter in order to submit your electronic vote. For stockholders of record, in the event you have any questions or concerns not addressed here or would like a hard copy of the proxy materials, please contact us in writing, e-mail or telephone:

In writing:
Attn: Shareholder Services
6201 - 15th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219

(800) 937-5449 within the U.S.
(718) 921-8124 outside the U.S.


toggle I received my proxy card but have not yet voted. Will I be allowed to attend the annual meeting?

Yes. All shareholders as of the Record Date may attend the Annual Meeting. Please bring two (2) valid forms of identification and your proxy card when attending. Occasionally, a company may include an admission ticket along with your proxy materials to be used to gain entry to the meeting. You will also need to bring this admission ticket in addition to two (2) valid forms of identification.

toggle May I change or revoke my proxy vote?

Yes. You may change or revoke your proxy vote at any time prior to the meeting. Your last vote submitted prior to the meeting will be recorded and will replace all previous votes.

toggle May I submit my vote in person at this meeting?

Yes. However, we encourage you to submit your vote by proxy card, telephone, or internet, if offered, even if you are attending the meeting. All attendees must bring two (2) forms of identification and, if necessary, their proxy card for admission to the meeting.

toggle My shares are in a brokerage account. When will I receive the proxy material?

As transfer agent, we do not maintain a record of shares held in ‘street name’ with a broker. You may contact your broker or financial advisor directly for the status of, or information regarding your proxy material.

toggle There is no control number on the proxy card I received. How may I vote online or over the telephone?

You may view your proxy materials to determine the voting methods being offered by a company. If you are not sure or require assistance, you may contact our Shareholder Services Department, who will be able to confirm these options for you or provide you with a duplicate proxy mailing if needed. In the event you have lost your Control Number, upon our verification of your identity, we may provide you with this number in order to submit your vote. Please note, a unique Control Number will be assigned to you only if the company is offering shareholders the option to submit their vote on the internet.

toggle What is "Householding?"

Householding is a process, approved by the SEC, under which stockholders with the same last name and address, who do not participate in electronic delivery of proxy material, will receive only one set of proxy material. Shareholders who opt-out of householding receive proxy material individually.

If you wish to opt-out, then please contact, Shareholder Services Department, by telephone (800) 937-5449. You may also email us at

toggle What is a stockholder of record?

The stockholder of record is a person or entity owning shares as of a particular Record Date. In this case the record date is the latest date by which you must be a shareholder, in order to vote in the annual meeting.

A registered stockholder (“record owner”) is a stockholder whose share ownership in a company is recorded directly on the books of the company’s transfer agent. If you own company shares through a bank, broker or other intermediary, then you are a beneficial stockowner. Your holdings are considered to be held in "street name" through your bank, broker or other intermediary, who would send the proxy material and voting instructions to you directly.

Street name owners with questions regarding their proxy material should contact their bank, broker or other intermediary directly for assistance.

toggle Why have I received a proxy statement asking for my vote?

You were sent proxy material because you own shares in the company and have a right to vote on important proposals concerning your investment. We encourage all shareholders to vote their proxy. The identity and vote of a stockholder remains confidential except as required by law.