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Bereavement Services

What to do when a shareholder has died

EQ aims to make the process of registering the death of a loved one or client, and managing their estate as easy and straightforward as possible.

There are 2 options available to you to complete the process.

Option 1: Self-service

First, register the death with EQ 

Our bereavement support guide takes you through the self-administration process for managing a deceased shareholder’s estate. This covers both the notification and registration stages and offers advice and guidance on Small Estate Declarations and Grant of Representation options.


Download our step-by-step guide (PDF)

Next, register the death with other organisations who are part of the Death Notification Service.

You can register a death with multiple organisations via a single online form using our Death Notification Service. This free service allows you to notify a number of banks and building societies of a person's death at the same time, and at a time that suits you.

Death Notification Service

You can find the names of the organisations you can notify here


Option 2: Use our managed estate administration service EQ Benefactor

We offer a comprehensive and easy to understand estate administration service that provides a simpler solution than other legal firms. Our service is built on the expert experience of our staff and partners and has helped thousands of families through the probate process.

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