End Of Life Services For Businesses

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Throughout the end of life administration process, it is more important than ever that your customer service is of the highest standard.

EQ can help your business to make the often complicated processes of registering a death and managing a deceased customer’s estate as quick and easy as possible for bereaved families, friends and administrators.

In doing so, we enable your business to build a reputation for being both supportive and sensitive when dealing with consumers at a time when many are at their most vulnerable.

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The Death Notification Service (DNS) has been created to enable your customers to tell multiple companies that they need to register a death with just a single online notification.

This means that relatives won’t have to speak to multiple companies telling them their extremely difficult and painful news numerous times.

In signing up to the scheme, your company is reducing the emotional and administrative burden on the relatives of your customers as well as your own customer service teams.
This not only improves their experience, but also your reputation.

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Our specialist team of estate management experts provide your business with account closure, estate administration and end of life support services for your customers.

We do not simply carry out a transaction, but provide a holistic service to ensure your customers have the best advice and support at all times including:

  • Offering a single contact for death notifications across multiple channels
  • Full customer support with estate management and probate enquiries
  • Bereavement specialists that fully integrate with your customer service team

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Helping Your Customers Through The Process

300 k

notifications of death processed per annum

~7k hrs

of unnecessary calls avoided

1 bn+

GBP in inheritance payments distributed 

550 +

years’ experience in complex estate administration

Since its launch in 2018 the DNS has cut out the need for 50,000 phone calls and in 2020 to date, 12,319 people have used it make 32,112 notifications to the member companies. (End April 2020) 

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