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Reveal The Insights Hidden In Your Complaints Data

EQ brings you our secure online reporting service, designed to reveal trends, costs and causes of the complaints you receive, and help you understand the effectiveness of your complaints operations.

We use your complaints data to provide regular, timely, interactive complaints management dashboards to help you make the right decisions to optimise your complaints process and minimise your complaint volumes.

Gain powerful customer insights without maintaining extensive in-house analytics capabilities.

  • Monitor key trends in your complaint types and volumes
  • Identify potential issues in your complaints process
  • Access powerful root cause analysis to help improve your front line processes and prevent complaints at source
  • Have complete oversight of your complaints workload

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Get an executive level overview of all complaint activities together with a full breakdown of redress costs.

  • A snapshot of your key metrics gives full oversight of complaints performance
  • Easily identify trends and ensure compliance with regulatory and business SLAs
  • Pin-point areas where additional training or resources are required
  • Reduce costs by identifying the root causes with the highest redress payments for business improvements

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Drill down into root causes and emerging trends to improve operational effectiveness and prevent problems before they become a bigger issue.

  • Get an early warning of emerging problems to prevent expensive remediation or complaints redress in the future
  • Identify the root causes behind the largest volume of complaints to help improve business operations and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce costs by focussing on areas where the greatest redress is being paid.
  • Easily reveal trends in increasing and decreasing complaint volumes.

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Fully understand your operational effectiveness against key regulatory and business performance requirements.

  • Track speed of response times against key objectives and regulatory timeframes and identify areas for improvement.
  • Prevent regulatory breaches by getting early warning of any dips in performance.
  • Review all FOS referrals and overturn rates to pinpoint any changes required to the complaint handling approach.
  • Identify any process inefficiencies or customer miscommunications for operational improvement programmes.

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EQ’s Data Driven Complaint Management Expertise

EQ has been working in financial services for many years and our data driven approach to complaints handling has delivered significant business benefits for our clients.

20 +

years' experience in regulated complaint handling


financial service firms trust us to manage their complaints

50 %

reduction in complaints volumes

30 %

reduction in claims costs

Get Started With The Complaints Insight Service From EQ

To find out more about how we can give you true insight to your complaints process and performance, get in touch today.

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