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A Spanner in The Works For Pension Scheme Automation

20 January 2020

For as long as there have been pension schemes, there have been challenges with data. The final salary or defined benefit (DB) regime had a ’just-in-time’ attitude to errors, as there was time to make corrections during the production of annual statements, or before benefits were drawn. However, data is more than just a hygiene factor today.

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How can Invoice Lenders get match-fit to minimise future risk?

20 January 2020

At Equiniti Riskfactor, we provide risk management solutions to 90% of the invoice finance market in the UK.  Our clients are telling us they are seeing deteriorating trends and a rise in fraud events – so what is going wrong?

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Living to be an Octogenerian?

20 January 2020

The most common age of death for men has increased over the last four years, peaking in 2018. Stuart Simpson - Head of Equiniti Benefactor (our bereavement services that deal with more than 1,000 notifications of death in the UK each day) reflects on what this means for people.

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EQ Boardroom Bulletin – January 2020

09 January 2020

Welcome to our monthly bulletin of what’s happening within the regulatory environment that impacts the share registration and employee share plans space.

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The Lost Property Department

13 December 2019

The Dormant Assets Scheme is proving to be a win-win initiative. Equiniti catches up on the scheme’s progress with four key parties – and enjoys a colourful analogy involving absent-minded children, lost clothing and a dungeon.

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Building The Foundations For Sharesave Success

11 December 2019

In this case study we learn how Derwent London built a successful Sharesave plan reaching a 71% participation rate.

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