Shareholder Management

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If you're a shareholder or employee scheme participant, use our Help Centre to get answers to your questions and details of how to contact us.

Total Support Across The Board

For over 65 years we have worked with PLCs, as share registrar, to deliver the very best engagement from your shareholders and investors, from the meticulous management of your share register to achieving successful resolutions at your AGM. Today, we manage c.10 million shareholder accounts for businesses of all sizes, from AIM through to the FTSE 100.

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The meticulous management of over 20 million shareholders.

Maintaining your share register to the highest of standards with our experts and EQ-owned technology.

  • Share Register Administration 
  • Shareholder Engagement Strategies 
  • Asset Reunification 
  • Depositary Interests 

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Issuing over £30 billion in dividend payments each year.

Carrying out the technical elements of your dividend and interest payments from inception to completion.

  • Dividend Lifecycle Management 
  • Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIP) 
  • Scrip Dividends 
  • Multi-Channel Cash Dividends 

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Successfully managing over 400 meetings every year.

However complex or high profile, our team will help with the entire process, from the chairman’s script to specialist voting analysis.

  • Annual General Meetings 
  • General Meetings 
  • Court Meetings

A team of professionals to support: 

  • Hybrid and Virtual AGMs 
  • Electronic Participation 
  • Meeting Execution 
  • Documentation Proofing 
  • Vote Reporting 

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Employee Share Goverance 800X600px

Delivered by over 80 governance and IR professionals.

Helping you meet complex regulatory requirements while also taking into account the uniqueness of each organisation and their individual shareholders and investors.

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Always Taking It One Step Further

Technology enables efficiency, people enable engagement. That's why we provide you with the expertise and technology to deliver unparalleled experiences for your shareholders and investors.

Introducing EQ Boost

Driving Digital Share Ownership. Supercharging Dividends.

By offering an incentive of increased-value dividends, EQ Boost encourages shareholders to ‘be more digital’ with their shareholdings. We're catalysing change to reduce cheques and paper-led processes, saving organisations money and resources.

EQ Boost

Growing Shareholder Digitisation

Watch our recent webinar to discover EQ’s new services, developments in technology and strategies to boost shareholder engagement through online presence and electronic communication sign-ups. Also discussed is how to cater for the digitally excluded and vulnerable investors whilst navigating the evolving landscape.

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Delivering For You And Your Shareholders

Our clients trust us to provide seamless services to one of the most important stakeholders, their shareholders, and we can do the same for you.

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