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Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Year End

The UK tax year 2019/2020 ended on 5 April 2020.  There are some extra processes that apply to pensions on or around tax year end, triggered by HMRC.  We have provided some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for some of the topics that we often get asked about.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Pension Increase (PI) FAQs

At defined times of year, your pension scheme applies increases to pensions in payment.  If you have been in receipt of a pension for some time you will be accustomed to seeing increases applied each year.  If your pension has only started in the last year then this may be the first time you have been through this process. We have provided some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for some of the topics that we often get asked about. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) service update

We are still handling a higher number of calls. So that we can support those in the most vulnerable situations we ask that you only call if your enquiry is urgent. We are doing our best to help customers as quickly as possible and we appreciate your understanding.

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NHS Pensions:

NHS Pensions are now administered by NHS Pensions directly. 

Phone - NHS Pensions helpline: 

0345 1212 522 

Post: PO Box 2269, Bolton, BL6 9JS


Armed Forces Pensions:

Phone  - Armed Forces pension helpline:

0345 1212 514

Email - general enquiries:

Payment form:

Download Veterans UK Overseas Pension payment form

All other Pension Schemes

If you do not belong to the NHS or Armed forces but have a pension scheme administered by Equiniti:


0345 607 6838


Manage your pension with our Compendia Self-Service app

Accessing your pension details has never been easier with our self-service website and app for your mobile device. Our technology enables you to access and manage your own pension as well as:

  • Understand your pension benefits and options
  • Model your benefits and get up-to-date quotes
  • Keep your personal information up to date

Your pension scheme communications will tell you where and how to login to manage your pension online.

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Informed planning with our RetireMe app

Equiniti understands that successful retirement needs informed planning.

RetireMe App helps you to understand and calculate how long your pension fund might last and the estimated annual income you might expect to receive from it.

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