Home Page Template

The home page template has 3 hero versions, multiple panel types and background colours. The Article Hero is used on Equiniti.com only. Supporting business websites and other instances of using the home page template thoughout the rest of Equiniti.com should use either the Carousel Hero or Video Hero.

The vast majority of page templates can be positioned immediately under the home page template.

Article Hero Carousel Hero Video Hero

Content Templates

These form the secondary and tertiary level pages within the site. The Content Template is the real 'workhorse' of the site and shares its many component panels with other templates of the same kind e.g. Grid Articles and News Articles. The Content Hub is rarely used and considered deprecated now as is the FAQ Template

Content Content Hub FAQ

Showcase Template

Know as the Full Width Content Template in Umbraco, this template is based on the Shorthand service that we previously used. It is used sparingly throughout the site, only intended for significant long form articles, significant client case studies or occasionally campaign landing pages.

Example Case Study

Grid Templates

The Grid Index is used for blogs and other scenarios where there are multiple child pages which need to be ordered in certain ways (publish date or the sort order in the CMS). There is the option to include categories to filter by and also publication types. Two types of template sit within the Grid Index - a Grid Article which routes to a child page (using all the same components as the Content Template but with additional filters in the sidebar) or a Grid Video which plays in an overlay modal (can only be viewed within the Grid Index). 

Grid Index Grid Article

News Templates

The News Index is used for both press releases and statutory reports that we publish on a regular basis. The News Article is its only child page and shares most of the components available the Content Template.

News Index News Article

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