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Boosting quality of service for a leading airline


The Client

Our client, a leading national airline, has achieved high results in customer satisfaction levels and was ranked by IATA as one of the world's most efficient air carriers. The emphasis that our client places on its customers’ satisfaction is supported by research which has shown that customers no longer choose their airline just because of the high-security level it provides, but the quality of customer service.

In a time when the airline sector is stripping out costs, our client is bucking the trend. They’re continuing to provide a full service and are investing heavily in service improvements for both economy and business class passengers. Our client’s flight network currently reaches 31 European airports, seven Asian airports, five North American airports and two African airports; a total of 45 destinations.

One of the main reasons for significant improvement in our client’s quality of service is the technological capabilities introduced for customer feedback. EQ has been central to these developments.

The Challenge

After becoming privatised, our client decided that the key to growth within the industry was through providing excellent quality, enhanced customer experience, improvement and reinforcement of customer relations.

In order to achieve this goal our client needed not only the ability to measure customer service quality continuously but also to make constant changes based on its customers’ feedback.

Instead of focusing on providing excellent service, the majority of today’s airlines compete to provide a cost-effective service for their passengers by stripping out costs such as offering complimentary beverages and meals on flights.

Our client wanted to contact its passengers to enquire about their customer experience, evaluate their feedback, and generate responses. Equiniti Charter was selected to assist because it provided the airline with the perfect solution. Using event-driven feedback, through generating continuous ongoing interactions with customers about their experience, our technology was a key tool in achieving an excellent customer experience for our client’s customers.


The Solution

Our client’s service centre receives 10,000 calls per day, with 70% of the calls coming from travel agents whilst only 30% are from business or private customers. In total, there are 500 agents spread across five virtual call centres. There is also a separate Customer Relation and Retention department that deal with correspondence with an SLA that 95% of correspondence is dealt with in 14 days.

Equiniti’s solution ensures that our client is able to manage and locate any complaint or dissatisfaction over any communication channel or point of contact between the customer and our complaints and feedback management system.

The Equiniti Charter installation is primarily used in the call centre but is also occasionally used in other areas of the business. For example, our client’s CEO, requested feedback on two new planes and this was implemented and the feedback was obtained in just three days.

We conduct ongoing satisfaction surveys with three layers of data collection. The first layer is the quality service of the call centre; the second layer focuses on the quality of the service experience before boarding the plane; and the third layer focuses on the flight itself, where about 10 selected passengers are randomly sampled during the flight.”

Head of Service Quality Department

As a result of the new proactive feedback module, interviews with customers are carried out daily, soliciting feedback 24 hours after the customer’s initial contact with the service centre.

Our EQ team has a remit to sample each call centre agent three times per month for feedback. All agents are trained to investigate a low satisfaction response and find out the root cause of the customer’s issue. Low scores are then sent to the Retention Unit who will call the customer back within 24 hours and attempt to influence any future decisions to fly with our client.

Equiniti Charter’s system allows our client to accurately assess the degree of satisfaction of their customers from the whole flying experience. Elements reviewed include pre-flight service and flight experience too. From the continuous information received from its passengers, our client can significantly improve the flight experience for its customers.

Today, we can really be on top of things when it comes to customer experience and service levels. The only way to know what the passengers are really thinking is to ask them!”

Client’s President and CEO

The Benefits

One of the main benefits for our client has been the ability to immediately obtain feedback from its customers and employees within one week following the launch of a new service. This allows our client to make the necessary adjustments based on the results within a very short timeframe. 

Additionally, feedback data is submitted to the highest levels of the company and is used in all decision-making processes involving customer experience.

Furthermore, our client can obtain an accurate picture of the quality of service it receives from various suppliers; for example, the quality of the food served during the flights. Our client recently launched a new healthy meal and the various comments received from passengers enabled them to immediately evaluate their degree of satisfaction.

Notable results have included:

  • Call centre sales are up by 500%
  • Agents’ productivity has been increased by over 100% (agents used to take 4 calls per hour, they are now up to 9-10 calls per hour)
  • There has been a direct correlation between rising SLAs and rising customer satisfaction
  • They have improved the ability to manage the Call Centre with monthly reviews and work plan updates
  • They are able to carry out targeted surveys at any time
  • Internal surveys provide 360 degree feedback that has led to happy employees which, in turn, has led to more satisfied customers.

In addition, the feedback our client has obtained has enabled the company to make key decisions. These have included the changing of catering facilities at certain locations, altering the number of seats in business class, enhancing the audio systems on the planes, and changing the departure times.

There is no doubt that this information helped us reach a 12% growth in our customers’ satisfaction level.”​

Client’s Director of Customer Service

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