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EQ Pensions Wins At The Consumer Inclusivity Initiative Award 2022

EQ Pensions Wins At The Consumer Inclusivity Initiative Award 2022

Monday, 10 October 2022

Equiniti’s Pension division took first place for the Consumer Inclusivity Initiative Award 2022 at the Public Trust Awards from the Chartered Insurance Institute.

EQ is delighted to have picked pick up the Consumer Inclusivity Initiative Award in recognition of a recent initiative to help vulnerable customers. In the entry, EQ Pensions highlighted the amazing effort of colleagues who had delivered and received vulnerable customer training. Over 600 frontline employees were trained to help them identify vulnerability.

This award recognised a financial services business that demonstrated progress towards an inclusive ‘whole customer’ approach, encouraging consumers to consider how life events can impact their financial resilience.

EQ demonstrated its understanding and commitment to vulnerable customers. Creating accessible services for all customers is a fundamental part of Equiniti’s purpose “to care for every customer and simplify each transaction”.

EQ Pensions supports over 13 million members and policy holders across our servicing platforms. The vulnerable are most in need of support as they are particularly likely to experience financial disadvantage, loss or harm, especially if we don’t act with the appropriate level of care.

As part of a company-wide initiative, EQ’s training academy created and rolled out four vulnerable customer courses - covering life events - to staff. This training helped staff identify if the person they are supporting is vulnerable.

Technology to support vulnerability

In 2021, we updated our servicing platforms to record vulnerable customer needs. Our new approach is unique. We record the preferences of how a member wants to interact with us, not simply recording a sensitive vulnerability.

Supported by Management Information and keywords in recorded Customer Experience Centre calls with speech analytics technology to ensure service levels meet the expectations of every member.

At EQ, our vision is to improve the experiences and outcomes for customers by delivering products and services that are accessible to all. By designing accessible services, we aren’t just assisting people with specific needs; we are unlocking benefits for all.