Equiniti Spearheads Shareholder Digitisation In Response To MiFID II Quarterly Statement Requirements

10 August 2018

Cost-efficient & environmentally-friendly online portal to provide shareholder accessibility as regulations demand quarterly updates

Equiniti, the UKs leading provider of share registration services and employee share schemes is delighted to announce the provision of a new digital solution in response to MiFID II’s regulatory challenges. 

Regulations stipulate that shareholders in Nominee vehicles – for example, when people purchase shares through their bank or broker – must now receive statements on a quarterly basis rather than annually. Equiniti has developed a digital repository for statements utilising Shareview, its online shareholder portal, to increase accessibility for shareholders and bring environmental and cost-saving benefits for its Corporate Clients.

The statements will give investors online access to a breakdown of trade activity through the quarter as well as the value of assets, shares and outstanding payments.

As part of this development, Equiniti communicated to four million Nominee shareholder participants of the new online capability through Q1 2018. From Q2 2018 the shareholders who did not opt out will have received an email notification that their statements can be accessed through Shareview.

The move spearheads an increasingly digital shareholder landscape and has been overwhelmingly backed by the Nominee shareholders with just 1.5% opting to receive paper communications.

Other benefits to the service include; the reduction of financial fraud; improved trade settlement; and increased optionality in how each shareholder manages their assets.

Mark Bullen, Managing Director, Share Registration Services at Equiniti, was delighted that shareholders supported this new solution and hopes that they will see the full value of the online portal and future developments, commenting:

Despite the administrative challenges it poses, we welcome the move to quarterly statementing. It will increase shareholder engagement with their holdings and hopefully encourage a new generation of participants who view digital access as a pre-requisite when making financial decisions.

“We see MiFID II regulations as an opportunity – rather than a burden – to improve the service we offer investors by providing innovative and secure solutions in a digital world that increasingly demands 24-hour, online access. 


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About Equiniti 

Equiniti Group is a specialist administrator delivering technology-enabled solutions to some of the world’s best-known brands and UK’s largest public-sector organisations. 

It is the UK’s leading provider of share registration services, providing complex share registration and shareholder solutions to around 50% of the FTSE 100 and 35% of the FTSE 250, managing more than 20 million shareholder accounts in total. It also has market leading positions in pension administration and software, and employee benefit schemes.

Equiniti’s services, which are delivered by over 4,578 employees, benefit 28 million people in the UK and 120 countries around the world.

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