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Equiniti Charter is an EQ business

Equiniti Charter’s services allow you to successfully manage and report on regulated and non-regulated complaints, compliments, and many other case types. All in accordance with industry standards.

We provide specialist complaints and feedback management solutions to:

Deliver collections/recoveries work and vulnerable customer care

Improve customer management efficiency

Yield significant cost reductions and efficiency gains


Regulatory change and compliance

Transformation and change programmes

Drive business process improvements

Our Services

Complaints Management Technology

Our core focus for over 25 years. Our software solutions cater to businesses of all sizes. From small-medium operations (Complaints Professional) to use in international enterprise deployments and business transformation projects (MMX).

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End-to-end Remediation services

Bringing together award-winning complaint management technology, internal and externally outsourced resourcing. Our end-to-end solution can be used for comprehensive rectification and remediation projects. Helping you proactively manage complaints or cases before they escalate.

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Practical Consultancy

Taking a consultative approach, our team optimise the delivery of complaints handling and remediation projects. Results are achieved using technical case management and workflow solutions and specialist resourcing capabilities. MI reporting and root cause analysis help identify business improvements.

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Part Of The EQ Group

First established in 1989 and part of Equiniti since 2014, EQ Charter has grown its reputation as a specialist provider of complaints and feedback management solutions. We work with some of the world’s leading brands and customer-facing organisations. Our award-winning complaints platform has been successfully deployed across multinational businesses.

Cases currently managed by our software, for some of the most highly regulated organisations in the UK.

World-leading financial services’ brands working with us.

Complaints handling system users for just one UK ‘Big Four’ bank.

Current Industries

Throughout this wave of industry regulation reforms, EQ Charter is here to support all industries, including the Energy, Education and Health sectors, but with a specific focus on the below:

Financial Services

Supporting all FS companies with FCA and FOS compliance, best practice complaints handling and the Consumer Duty.

Rail Operations

Supporting passenger complaints and compensation operations and the ORRs’ Passenger Duty.

Gambling and Gaming

Supporting the industry reform its approach on vulnerable customers, set out by the Government and Gambling Commission whitepaper.

Experienced Complaint Management

Combined, our team has over 90 years of experience in customer complaint management and consultancy.

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