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Flexibly Managed Remediation Services

In every business, from time to time, things go wrong. It is not always the fault of the business itself but regardless of how a mistake has been made, an effective remedy is needed. This involves time and resources. We can help.

EQ Helps You Save On Cost

At EQ, we help regulated businesses to effectively resolve peaks of activity. How do we do this? Using technology-led robotics, skilled remediation specialists, and facilities.

By reviewing existing procedures, stripping away legacy processes, and introducing automation, we can reduce internal resources and associated costs for our customers by up to 50%.

Nimble By Nature

As a strategic partner, we provide the people, processes and technology to help you manage customer contact programmes, meaning you don’t have to contract, engage and manage multiple suppliers.

We Consult

EQ has subject matter experts from a variety of remediation disciplines including customer treatments, data analysis, and process design.
We work with you to understand the goal of the remediation activity and create effective treatment designs and delivery processes.

We Design

The team will aim to identify the fastest, safest route to live. We consider the data readiness, treatments required, and capabilities available. With early engagement, EQ optimises the treatment design to get the right customer outcome.

We Deliver

We work during all project phases to advance the delivery of the remediation. The team works towards identifying a target population, beginning remediation early to adopt a “learning by doing” approach within the project.

Our Remediation Components

We combine our specialist remediation components to deliver the best solution for your business.

MMX Software
Award-winning remediation and complaints management platform


Specialist Resource
5,000+ specialist consultants available across the UK

Specialist Resorce

Outsource Locations
UK offices, as well as offshore and homeworking capabilities (if required)

Outsource Locations

Print & Mail
Mailing and reprographics centre that handles thousands of items daily

Print & Mail

Remediation Consultancy
Our consultants identify the best solutions and implement innovation

Customer Service
We have a variety of integrated customer service capabilities and expertise available for this project

We are synonymous with payment services and have integrated our payment capability with our platform

Electronic searches and forensic tracing for ‘gone aways’ and proof of life

Our Recent Projects

Motor Finance Provider

Our client is implementing technology and a contingency outsource operation to deal with increased commission complaints relating to the FCA activity in this area.

We are implementing a dedicated complaints management system for motor finance cases, supported by our specialist resource, and outsource locations.

Remediation Components
MMX Software | Specialist Resource | Outsource Locations

Retail Bank

Our client is conducting a complex remediation to reunify legacy customers with physical assets.

We are providing consultancy expertise to help our client define the process and then implement a managed service to trace legacy customers, contact them, and handle associated queries and issues.

Remediation Components
MMX Software | Specialist Resource | Outsource Locations | Print & Mail | Remediation Consultancy | Customer Service | Tracing

Print & Mail

Pensions Consultancy

This pensions consultancy is struggling with a peak in annuities complaints relating to servicing issues and wants to understand the root cause of these delays so the issues can be resolved.

We are providing a small team of specialist pension complaint handlers to our client’s office to help them deal with this issue.

Remediation Components
Specialist Resource

Financial Advisor

We’re working in partnership with a leading UK legal firm to provide an end-to-end pension transfer advice remediation. We are responsible for data gathering and calculating complex redress calculations.

Our actuarial team are performing these calculations, updating our case management system, and passing cases back to the advisor for payment.

Remediation Components
MMX Software | Specialist Resource | Outsource Locations

Retail Bank 2

We’re providing one of our banking clients with interim customer service resource due to a peak in customer contact.

We’re one of our client’s strategic suppliers and help them cope with unexpected peaks in work through quickly supplying teams of skilled resource.

Remediation Components
Specialist Resource


Delivering Optimised Remediation Solutions

Our unique and proven approach to remediation has had significant benefits for our customers. EQ helped a retail bank to achieve projected savings of C.£14m through the use of automation to deliver a remediation project.

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