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EQ helps manage increases in the volume and complexity of customer complaints and enquiries.

As Motor Finance firms work to provide good customer outcomes and prevent consumer harm, EQ Customer Resolutions is here to partner with you.

Our teams can support in many areas:

Assessments of irresponsible lending and affordability/suitability

Commission model complaints and DSAR requests

Mechanical and technical service quality complaints and enquiries

Collections/recoveries work and vulnerable customer care

Remediation and redress programmes

Specialist customer complaints and feedback management platform

Managing increased workload volumes resulting from CMC activity

Whether it is adhering to Consumer Duty best practice or increasing capacity at short notice, EQ’s customer-facing specialists can help.

EQ’s customer-facing specialists can help manage increases in the volume and complexity of customer complaints and enquiries.


Our Capabilities

Specialist Resourcing 800X600

EQ’s consultants and specialist resourcing experts cover many core disciplines. We have a proven track record in dealing with:

  • Vulnerable customers
  • Customer journeys
  • Complaints
  • Complex customer service queries.

To support your existing teams, with 20+ years’ experience, we provide contingent resources and cost-effective solutions at times of high demand and transition.

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Remediation Solutions 800X600

As a strategic partner, EQ provides the people, processes, and technology to help you manage remediation programmes.

This means you don’t have to contract, engage and manage multiple suppliers. From the initial planning and cohorting, through to customer communications and final payments, we can manage the entire process.  

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Intelligent Technology 800X600

Our Complaint Insight Service and award-winning complaints and feedback technology allow firms to manage their complaints more efficiently.

We can achieve this by automating many of the manual tasks associated with complaints and feedback management. With a suite of comprehensive MI reports, firms can also complete real-time root cause analysis and implement business improvements.

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We provide specialist resources with the following skillsets:

Capture, classify, and validate commission complaints from multiple channels

Investigate the complaint fully, including document management and timelines

Record and manage redress with automatic calculations


Communicate easily with the customer via inbound and outbound templates and emails

Keep a full audit trail and record of all outcomes and decisions

Report both internally and externally for operational transparency

EQ is a trusted member of the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) and a specialist motor finance partner.

EQ Increases Effectiveness For Motor Finance Firms Through:

Short-term provision of resources to address busy periods

Specialist handling of complex enquiries supporting vulnerable customers

Process enhancement projects to revitalise customer engagement operations

Complaints and feedback management expertise and automation

Root cause analysis and effective management information

Management or outsourcing of remediation and compensation programmes

Quality assurance programmes and audits

Long-term outsourcing and insourcing arrangements

Performance management reviews and best practice advice

Discover more about how we help motor finance firms and other regulated lenders

Here are just a few examples of how we support motor finance firms, other lenders, and financial services companies.


Collections Agents for a Motor Finance Provider

We provided a team of agents to the collections team of a motor finance provider. The team worked on a hybrid basis from the client site and from home for an initial three months. The team were extended for a further 18 months due to the quality of their work and some of the team were later made permanent.

Key features:

18 months – The team was extended for quality.

Some of the team were offered permanent positions.

Collections specialists provided.

Working on the client site and from home.

Telephony Agents for an Investment Provider

We supplied an investment provider with telephony agents to assist with unpredictable call volumes and administration after a major systems migration. Our team worked on a fully remote basis using our equipment and connected to the client systems via a secure pathway created by our IT team. This project was implemented in 4 weeks and completed after 6 months once call volumes reduced to normal.

Key features:

It only took 2 weeks from request to the team joining.

Working fully remote on client systems via our devices.

Collections Services for a Credit Lender

We provide outsourced collections services to a UK credit lender. We have supplied around 130 staff including collections agents, administrators and team leaders to our office in Cardiff. We have provided this service for over 3 years and expect it to continue through 2024.

Key features:

Collection specialists supplied in several roles

Project durations, helping the client meet regulatory target.

Hybrid & remote resource – We adapted to different ways of working.

Lending customers serviced.

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