Rail Passenger Operations

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How do we help

With our unique combination of complaint and compensation technology, data insights, and process design experts, EQ is helping train operating companies to:

Improve customer service by speeding up the complaints process

Increase staff efficiencies in complaint handling and compensation payments

Reduce operating costs through the increased use of automation

Highlight areas for improvement driven by passenger data and complaints insights

As companies prepare for the new Complaints Code of Practice coming into force in April 2023, EQ’s capabilities combine to help TOCs embed a continuous improvement programme driven by the insights provided by passenger complaints.

Our Capabilities


Our complaints and compensation management platform delivers a number of process efficiencies that have saved train operators considerable time and money. This includes optimising the ‘Delay Repay’ process, to create an up to 80% reduction in processing times.

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EQ’s data insights solutions help train operators to use their data to turn complaints into action. We specialise in identifying hidden trends and root causes that can guide business process optimisation and continuous improvement programmes.                                               

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Our consultants and specialist resourcing experts cover several core disciplines: from business process optimisation and automation efficiencies to complaints management resourcing, customer service, remediation (including payments), and technical services.

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Increasing efficiencies for rail companies

We support rail companies to manage their passenger complaints and compensation programmes more efficiently and effectively. This includes a full review of a delay repay process.

Our solutions can deliver:

  • Up to 80% reduction in claim processing time
  • Reduction of manual claim processing by 30-40%
  • Up to 75% increase in employee productivity

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