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The Net Zero Initiatives Report

We’re all on track to Net Zero 2050. At EQ we’ve created a green pathway for you to keep in step with ESG investors. The Net Zero Initiatives report gives you unique data about your corporate shareholders’ position on climate change initiatives — essential insights for sustainability-focused organisations.

The Numbers Of Change

Environmental targets are key in socially responsible investment decision-making

Net Zero Investor Intelligence

Informing positive action

– Understand your investors’ position
– Analyse investor commitment to key climate initiatives
– Align corporate communications
– Be confident that your corporate messaging will resonate
– Keep-in-step
– Act swiftly, as and when change happens

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Example of a Net Zero Initiative: Climate Action 100+

Climate Action 100+ is a global net zero initiative.

Investor-led, Climate Action 100+ aims to ensure the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters take necessary action on climate change.

Many organisations are on-board, moving forwards towards net-zero emissions.

It’s one example of a net zero initiative your investors may be interested in.

The Deciding Factor

Engaging Shareholders On Net Zero Initiatives

EQ were asked by an international FTSE 250 client to support with their focus on climate change. By using EQ's detailed ‘Net Zero Initiatives’ analytical report, they gained fact-based insights into their investors’ involvement and interest in climate-change initiatives. The company could see where their major shareholders stood on these issues.

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Unique To You

The Net Zero initiatives report is unique to your PLC. Whether you receive the download yearly, or as a one-off, it's up to you.

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