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AGM Highlights

WEBINAR: EQuivalence Forum | January 2022

Our Company Secretarial business, Prism Cosec, brings you the latest developments from across the world of corporate governance.

We're also joined by Lisa Graham, Head of Meeting Management at EQ, as we discuss the hot topics expected at this years' AGMs.

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AGM Logistics: When, Where and Who?

AGM Evolution

EQ's Shareholder Voice 2021 research shows 80% of Gen Z shareholders have already voted in AGMs - the highest of any generation.

In this video we discuss the future of AGMs and how companies can ensure all stakeholders are heard.

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AGM Voting Trends

Shareholders understand that this is not a business-as-usual period, but they also know that this is no time to pause and take the pressure off. Here are the voting trends of 2021.


Share Capital Resolutions During The 2021 AGM Season

The vast majority of companies of all sizes put forward a resolution at every AGM to give authority to the directors to allot shares in the company. Here are the most common resolutions.


Executive Compensation: To Reward Or Refrain

Rather than distract, the pandemic is serving to shine an even brighter light on the issue of executive compensation.


A Snapshot Of The 2021 AGM Season

Two emerging themes have arisen at this years' AGMs. Find out what they are.


Board Scrutiny During The AGM

During the 2020/2021 AGM season shareholders have continued to use their voting power to highlight concerns around governance.


Lost And Contentious Resolutions Of The 2021 AGM Season

It is still relatively rare for companies to lose or nearly lose a vote against a resolution at an AGM.

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